KinderPrime Program

Course OutLine

  • Basic Sentence Structure
  • Basic Speech Structure
  • Basic Voice Inflection
  • Techniques
  • 6 Point Story Building
  • Narrative Speeches
  • Introduction to Persuasion
  • Critical Thinking Activitie

Designed For: Grades K-2

Key Take Away: Confidence building. Develops students’ verbal skills, teaching them the ability to articulate their thoughts in a structured form.

Primekids Program

Course OutLine

  • Body Language Techniques
  • Voice Inflection Techniques
  • Speech Structure
  • Narrative Speech
  • Persuasive Speech
  • Introduction to Debate

Designed For: Grades 3-5

Key Take Away: Learning nuances of presentation skills including effective use of voice inflection and body language. Confidence building. Learning various tools and techniques that make speech delivery effective.

TweenTeens Program

Course OutLine

  • Engaging Audience
  • Advanced Narrative Speeches
  • Power Tools for Persuasion
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Advanced Persuasive Speeches
  • Advanced Debates

Designed For: Grades 6-8

Key Take Away: Confidence building. Learning the art of detailed reasoning to make convincing presentations and mastering the art of persuasion.

TeenMax Program

Course OutLine

  • Rhetoric Triangle
  • Bold Beginnings/Effective Closing
  • Evidence Collection and Organizing Arguments
  • Persuasive Speeches on Current Issues
  • Debate with Rhetorical Triangle

Designed For: Grade 9-12

Key Take Away: Students delve deeper into techniques and speak on topics including current events. Students learn to use Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle to make powerful speeches.