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TeenMax Program

TeenMax Program

Key Concepts

Rhetoric Triangle
Bold Beginnings/Effective Closing
Evidence Collection and Organizing Arguments
Persuasive Speeches on Current Issues
Debate with Rhetorical Triangle

Designed For: Grade 9-12


Our TeenMax program is our highest level course, offered exclusively to high schoolers, and by far our most challenging. Whether our students are moving up from the TweenTeen program and have honed the fundamentals of public speaking or are new to the program, they utilize this program to expand their potential as public speakers, through advanced forms of speech.

Course Outline

This program consists of some similar aspects as our TweenTeen program, but utilizes them as building blocks to further advance our students’ abilities. Our speeches, debates, conferences, group discussions, leadership programs and certifications help students find their voice, speak assertively and develop critical skills. Our speeches, debates, and group discussions revolve around present day issues and develop our youths critical thinking with real world applications.

Through a project-based Leadership and Negotion Program, students discover the value of active learning. They learn to apply skills and concepts from the classroom to real problems, leading to real-world experience and impact. They present their projects to a panel of experts and learn to handle themselves professionally and communicate their stance objectively and articulately. These hands-on learning experiences help our students build confidence, leadership, and critical thinking skills thereby teaching them invaluable lessons-both professionally and personally.


We at Power Speakers Unlimited use a variety of activities to engage students through our TeenMax curriculum, including persuasive speeches, debates, discussions, presentation skills, and our brand new Leadership and Negotiations program. The diversity of our TeenMax Program offers our students a dynamic learning experience and gives them an opportunity to share theirs views on global and current issues. It develops in them the confidence and ability to give compelling presentations and the ability to get up in front of an audience which reflects in their prospering confidence and articulation.