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TweenSupreme Program

Tween Supreme Program

Key Concepts

Different genres of speeches
Tools to make powerful speeches
Group Discussion
Leadership Program
Entrepreneurship Program

Designed For: Grade 6-8


Our TweenSupreme Program is offered to sixth through eighth-graders and focuses on specific genres of speeches and fine tunes the art of persuasion. This program offers students an outlet to educate themselves and others about current events through the form of speeches, debates, discussions, and more. Students participate in our yearly Certification and speech competitions to demonstrate what they have learned. TweenSupreme Program also includes our new Entrepreneurship Program which is a project- based experiential journey where students develop strength in multiple areas including critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and communication.

Course Outline

This program serves the purpose to enhance the ability of our students further and engaging them in speeches that deal with current events and global issues. Our foundational concepts.

remain similar, but the content evolves to introduce our youth speakers to more serious and applicable topics. Along with this, we offer our new Entrepreneurship program which provides students with the skills and mindset that sets them up for success. . Our Debate Program is tasked with addressing the local and global issues, causes, and solutions, thereby polishing our students’ speech skills. TweenSupreme program overall prepares our students for higher-level, more challenging public speaking and stronger presentation skills and teaches our students to not only be confident speakers but critical thinkers and problem solvers.


We at Power Speakers Unlimited use a variety of activities to engage students through our TweenSupreme curriculum, including narrative speech, persuasive speech, debates, discussions, presentation skills, and our brand new Entrepreneurship program. The diversity of our TweenSupreme Program offers our students a dynamic learning experience. It develops in them the confidence and ability to give compelling presentations and the ability to get up in front of an audience which reflects in their prospering confidence and articulation.