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Category: Grade K-12 Program

TeenMax Program

Designed For: Grade 9-12 Course OutLine Rhetoric Triangle Bold Beginnings/Effective Closing Evidence Collection and Organizing Arguments Persuasive Speeches on Current Issues Debate with Rhetorical Triangle Key Take Away: Students delve deeper into techniques and speak on topics including current events. Students learn to use Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle to make powerful speeches. Pay Now $127 /…
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TweenSupreme Program

Designed For: Grades 6-8 Key Concepts Different genres of speeches Tools to make powerful speeches Group Discussion  Debates  Power Speakers Unlimited World Conference Leadership Program OverviewOur TweenSupreme Program is offered to sixth through eighth-graders. At this stage, students transition from traditional speeches and progress into current world issues. Our TweenSupreme Program offers students an outlet…
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PrimePeak Program

Designed For: Grades 3-5 Key Concepts Body language Voice inflection Different genres of speeches Tools to make powerful speeches Group Discussions Debates Leadership OverviewOur PrimePeak Program is a thorough course in public speaking for third through fifth-grade students. It focuses on developing their presentation and emotional skills by amplifying their ability to articulate their thoughts…
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KinderPrime Program

Designed For: Grades K-2 Key Concepts Body language Voice inflection Sentence structure Speech structure Story building Speech delivery Critical thinking Creative drama Overview:Our KinderPrime Program is designed with great thought and consideration for our youngest group of students from kindergarten through second grade. You may wonder what a 5-year-old would be able to do in…
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