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PrimePeak Program

Designed For: Grades 3-5

Key Concepts

  • Body language
  • Voice inflection
  • Different genres of speeches
  • Tools to make powerful speeches
  • Group Discussions
  • Debates
  • Leadership

Our PrimePeak Program is a thorough course in public speaking for third through fifth-grade students. It focuses on developing their presentation and emotional skills by amplifying their ability to articulate their thoughts creatively and objectively. The teachers use a structured curriculum that promotes better public speaking and various confidence-building activities and presentation techniques that make speech delivery effective. The students learn to use the appropriate tools of different speech genres and prepare for certifications and competitions.

Course Outline
Our year-round program focuses on the transition from the foundation of public speaking to the tools required to enhance that foundation. Through the PrimeKids program, we work on improving speeches on an intermediate level. Along with that, our teachers engage middle school students in confidence-building activities consisting of an introduction to Debate and our Leadership program. It’s demonstrated that our interest isn’t solely in developing public speakers but also in confident personalities.

We at Power Speakers Unlimited use a combination of individual, partner, and group activities to introduce the age-appropriate public speaking tools in the classroom. Power Speakers Unlimited focuses on experiential learning and a dynamic teaching style that encompasses many confidence-building activities to help bolster confidence in primary students.

Teacher Student Ratio: 1:10
Duration: 1 hour a week/year-round.

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