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PSU Interview Article

CHAT WITH TARUNA Taruna Ramani has dedicated the past 20+ years of her life to empowering children and young adults with skills that enable them to distinguish themselves from their peers and to stand out in whatever room they step into and whatever career path they choose. Taruna’s desire to educate children stems from her…
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TeenMax Program

Designed For: Grade 9-12 Course OutLine Rhetoric Triangle Bold Beginnings/Effective Closing Evidence Collection and Organizing Arguments Persuasive Speeches on Current Issues Debate with Rhetorical Triangle Key Take Away: Students delve deeper into techniques and speak on topics including current events. Students learn to use Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle to make powerful speeches. Pay Now $127 /…
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TweenSupreme Program

Designed For: Grades 6-8 Key Concepts Different genres of speeches Tools to make powerful speeches Group Discussion  Debates  Power Speakers Unlimited World Conference Leadership Program OverviewOur TweenSupreme Program is offered to sixth through eighth-graders. At this stage, students transition from traditional speeches and progress into current world issues. Our TweenSupreme Program offers students an outlet…
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PrimePeak Program

Designed For: Grades 3-5 Key Concepts Body language Voice inflection Different genres of speeches Tools to make powerful speeches Group Discussions Debates Leadership OverviewOur PrimePeak Program is a thorough course in public speaking for third through fifth-grade students. It focuses on developing their presentation and emotional skills by amplifying their ability to articulate their thoughts…
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KinderPrime Program

Designed For: Grades K-2 Key Concepts Body language Voice inflection Sentence structure Speech structure Story building Speech delivery Critical thinking Creative drama Overview:Our KinderPrime Program is designed with great thought and consideration for our youngest group of students from kindergarten through second grade. You may wonder what a 5-year-old would be able to do in…
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Ace the Interview

Ace the Interview Course Description Let’s fasten your pace and launch you to hack any interview your partake in. You’ll be combatting interviewing pitfalls, unleashing your confidence and Zip, Zap and Zooming your way through every opportunity to uncover your success!

Art of Storytelling

Art of Storytelling Course Description It’s time to level up your charisma and create that lasting connection with your audience by effectively triggering emotions, carefully delivering P.O.W.E.R words and using our storytelling blueprint to captivate your audience!

P.O.W.E.R Your Communication

P.O.W.E.R Your Communication Course Description P.O.W.E.R Your Communication – Your one stop solution to perfect your communication skills right from the comfort of your home! Take a deep dive into powering your speech with our very own Speech ToolKit and truly learn how to pack a punch with your enhanced speaking abilities.

Art of Persuasion

Art of Persuasion Course Description Jump right into learning the key principles of persuasion to maximize your potential! Immediately capture attention and take control of your speaking stage by overcoming your fears and perfecting the art of persuasion to lead by example.

10 Public Speaking Tips To Help You Crush Your Next Presentation

10 Public Speaking Tips To Help You Crush Your Next Presentation Snakes? Fine. Flying? It’s no problem. Speaking in front of an audience? Yikes! Even the prospect of public speaking, which is sometimes considered one of the greatest (and most common) fears, can make your palms sweat. Even the most self-assured among us can be…
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